Whoopsie!~A little follow up

Thanks Annette for pointing out the misspelling of "Alright" on the poster below. I didn't even notice it! I have convo'd the seller and she is working on the edit now. However, question for you. Is it "alright" or "all right". Let us ponder a moment.Tricky eh?!

Let's just hope THIS website doesn't find the poster on Etsy. Please note: The link is to a site called "regretsy". It's totally hilarious but view with caution. The writer is totally crude but I have to admit it's slightly entertaining. Naughty! Mocking other's so-called talents. But I bet regretsy makes you giggle too!

On a different note...baby Berks photo update. He's ginormous now! How does that happen?


annette said...

According to Caleb, when you feed kids, they grow. So I'm guessing that's how you ended up with a baby..... owl? Look at those EYES! hee hee! He's a keeper!

JRiggles said...

The Regretsy website is dang funny. Thanks for sharing...now I don't have time to cook a real dinner ;P