It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday) Workout Style

GAP Body has been rockin' in the athletic department lately.

Loving it all!

Can you believe this is a workout top? CUTE!
Sweat in style! I'm pretty sure I need this.

Got this jacket in black. I'm lovin' it. A lot. Really a lot.
I especially enjoy the perma baby barf on the right shoulder.

Hey baby...wanna workout?
Click HERE to view more athletic fun.

Move. Love. Shop.

P.S. My house still stinks. Oh yes, maybe that's because the boxes are still sitting in my dining room untouched. Do I have to Prince Charming? I know I promised but...

1 comment:

Jenette said...

I could really use some new workout clothes...but then I might have to work out. Does running around trying to keep up with a two year old while carrying a six month old count?