It's Trendy Tuesday...Do You Dare?

Welcome to my animal kingdom.

Yes my friends, this is for really real my house. Today that is.
Zebra print, Owls, ridiculously bright colored moose heads, you know...nothing out of the ordinary.:)
And while we're on the subject of animals...
I adore THESE
I'm madly in LOVE with THESE (Warning: Don't look at the price. You'll wet yourself.)
However, my reality are probably THESE.
Assignment: If you don't own something animal print you need to. A handbag, a pair of flats, a jacket. Just a little something to add some Grrrrr.....to your wardrobe.
P.S. I seriously have no idea why that big black bucket is sitting inside my fire place. Scary thing is, I think it's been there since Halloween???
P.S.S. I have been "meaning" to hang all those frames you see sitting there on the ground. "Meaning" to. I'll "mean" to get to it someday.

1 comment:

Jenette said...

If you find someone who is going to spend that much $$ on a pair of shoes, stop them and send them my way...I would like to have their $$ instead :)