It's Friday already? Totally forgot so you get TWO posts today. Why? Because FRIDAY wouldn't be FRIDAY without FFF! (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

I don't care how much baby blubber I have left, I sure wish I was some place where I could shove my big boobs and thunder thighs into one of these swimsuits! I'm pretty sure EVERYONE I know is going on vacation. If you are going on vacation I hate your guts!
Swimsuit Rule: Unless your body looks like THIS (and yours nor mine does) please spare us all and don't wear a bikini. We don't want to see it. Seriously! All of you have seen someone wearing a bathing suit they shouldn't be. Don't be one of those. Modest is hottest!!!
Happy Happy Happy Friday!
P.S. All the swimsuits pic. above can be found HERE.

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Lisa said...

Where did you find these swimsuits. I'm 40 pounds away from looking good in a modest one, but those are SO CUTE! Lisa