Mommy Saga

Dear Children,

I am sorry for being a little grouchy the other day. Okay, maybe a lot grouchy. I have to admit, the chocolate milk spill first thing in the morning was not the best way to jump start the day. Kels I'm sorry you were late for school, again, but I have no control over your brother's pooping schedule. What can I say, for some reason he thinks he needs to poop at precisely 8:45 AM. Also, I may or may not have vacuumed up a few of your legos. Lucy, I seriously appreciate your keen sense for fashion but, changing your outfit 8 times a day is a bit much. And guys,  if the shoes can't make it into the shoe basket I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to call Santa Claus.

Love you forever,
P.S. I promise I will do my best to "ungrouch" myself. Just a quick thought though. Picking up dropped goldfish crackers before they get stepped on could help this process.

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