Killing Time at the Drug Store

After a healthy dinner at Wendy's my niece and I (and kids in tow-good times) made a stop at Walgreens. Or maybe Rite Aid. Actually it could have been Bartells?? Anyway, after searching the nail polish section and having a lenghty discussion about CRACKLE NAIL POLISH we found these pretty fakies.

Speaking of fakies....

So my friend does eyelash extensions and after speaking with her she recommends the eyelash in a box over extensions. Conclusion: Although extensions are AMAZING, they are costly, extremely high maintenance, and in her opinion not worth the trouble. Just FYI!

Could be fun. Yes? I'll let you know.

And then we couldn't help but laugh at these. At .59 cents each who wouldn't want a pair? Candy machine style pantyhose. Wait, these are actually cheaper than the toys you get out of one of those machines. Awesome. I'll take a pair in suntan with a pair of THESE. Darling!


Jenette said...

I used to buy those candy pantyhose while on my mission since I would always snag them while riding my bicycle.---yes I rode a bike in a dress and very silly sight!

annette said...

After seeing Pink's baby spread in People Magazine and noticing that in her pregnancy photo she's wearing fakies and in her after picture she's not... I'm feeling much more confident about wearing my fakies. I've decided they're so fun with some black liquid eyeliner, nude eyeshadow, perfectly groomed eyebrows, and pretty lips. They're my new obsession. :)