So Long Rainy Days

We're Moving!
The time has come for us to say good bye to the Pacific Northwest and explore a new chapter in our life. One in which I'm VERY excited for. On August 19 we will be wrapping up our memories here and taking them to Gilbert, Arizona. My Prince Charming got a promotion. (Great job handsome!) Although there are a lot of things that will be missed here, we are grateful for this opportunity. Of course, now that my house is complete it's time to leave. Typical! But...I finally get the sun I've been longing for. Yippee!
Obviously these next few weeks will be hectic but, I'll keep in touch. Promise!
Wish us luck!


Mandy said...

YAAAAAY! That's so exciting. Congrats to your Prince Charming.

Sara said...

We are so excited for your family!!!! Way to go on the promotion! When you get to sunny Arizona, please don't forget about us....maybe send some sunshine back up this way:)
Keep in touch!

Jenette said...

How exciting for you!!!! Too bad about getting the house done and then having to move, but just think of all the projects that are to come with the next one ;)

Anonymous said...

not excited....not happy.....just can't do it..... :''''-( PS don't worry, you will always be my BFF and you will always be my fattest and phattest friend ever
Peeps (aka the skinny one)

Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

Good luck you guys! We LOVED living in AZ and would love to go back someday. You will definitely enjoy some SUN!! BTW - Your house is beautiful!