Today is the day

It's here.
Today is the day where we pack up our rain boots, begin the good byes, and
venture out into unfamiliar territory.
As I watch the house we have worked so hard on empty, I get sorta sad. Okay a lot sad.
 This is going to be harder than I thought.
Please say a little prayer for us.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Mrs. Princess Pookie

THIS is what the houses look like in AZ. Peach and terracotta pot roofs. Ew! Oh, and let us not forget the fancy "dryscaping".

P.S. I dare you to try and tell me my kids aren't adorable!;)
Yes they make me crazy...often...but at least they're lookers!

Taking a break at the park.


Sara said...

Ohhhhh....Your kids are the cutest!!!! Best of luck to you and your Family on your new adventures! Many prayers going out to you guys!
Please keep posting pics. of the munchkins! We love seeing them grow! I want to continue sending you guys christmas cards, so when the time gets closer I'm going to stalk you for your address:)
p.s.-I know you are NOT.GOING.TO. MISS.THE.RAIN.ONE.BIT! :)

Shana Eberhard said...

Good Luck Jo Dee! I'm so glad that we became friends, we had a lot of fun at your fancy parties ;) If you're ever in Colorado please look us up, we'd love to have you all.