Isn't She Lovely


Kate Spade

What are some quick tips for living stylishly?

 "Fashion should be about enthusiasm for what you're wearing. It should be fun. Finding that perfect balance between what is fashionable and what you totally love is the ideal. So often people are either intimidated or bored by fashion. Having a ‘been there, done that’ attitude takes all of the fun out of it. Put fashion in its rightful place and enjoy it."

Amen Miss Kate.
(Sorry I can't remember where I pulled this quote from or else I'd link it to the article I read.)

Take a moment out of your day to view her blog. It's lovely, colorful eye candy. BTW...I want THIS sooooooo bad!

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happytobeme said...

A white bag, do you dare! Remember to add a fun scarf to accessorize!