It's FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

Well I can't seem to find anything fabulous about this!
 Stupid movers. You should see what happened to our car!

We've been here since Monday. And what a long five days it has been. (That's a story for another life.)
Adjusting to the furnace we now live in. I don't know if you knew but it's REALLY hot in AZ.
Adjusting to all the fourth grade homework.
Adjusting to the new house (rental that is).
Adjusting to new roads.
Adjusting to.....everything!

Welcome home...What a mess!

P.S. Lulu tried THESE on. They are FABULOUS!

And by the way...
If I had $5,998.00 + tax + shipping + "oversized shipping" (of course) I would be buying THIS. Today!

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