Weekend Happenings

1. Made homemade pizza.
2. Laid by the pool.
3. Shed a few 9/11 anniversary tears.
4. Went to dinner with Prince Charming HERE.
5. Got caught in the middle of a GINORMOUS rain storm.
(Drenched wearing heels and a dress. Drenched!)
6. Took a nap and dreamed about doing the moon walk.
7. Had dinner guests.
8. Dragged Prince Charming into Anthropologie aka "the junk store"~according to him.
9. Thought about cleaning my dirty toilet.

10. Pulled out my fancy $10 python clutch.

Are you a clutch sorta girl??
This was the first time I've ever used one.
Honestly, I felt a bit akward toting it around at first. Then I got over it!

It's Monday. Make it a HAPPY one!

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