It's TT!

Shiny. Blingy. Girly.
Sparkly sequins are the IT thing right now.
Shoes, clutches, tanks, pants.
To be found at Target, Forever 21, TJ Maxx, Nords ,etc., and
ranging from $-$$$$.
My advice...it's "trendy"... don't spendy.

My preference? Blazer, SEQUIN T, jeans, heels and lots of bangles.
Pick up ONE sequin piece this season to pair with your casuals.
{NOTE: The secret to this trend is keep it to one thing. Too much is not a good thing.}

Do it! You will look HOT HOT HOT.

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annette said...

Last summer I picked up a black sequin cami at Nord's Rack. $25. Eh... it was worth it, I've really enjoyed wearing it out, it's a lot of fun to layer, and it looks fab with my Target zebra ballet flats. About a month ago I was looking for a very specific lined hoodie for my daughter that would be acceptable for her school uniform. There's a KMart near my kids' school and I had literally 5 minutes. I N-E-V-E-R go into KMart, I swear on Alexander McQueen's grave. Except this one time. I found the hoodie. :) And... I found a PINK sequin cami that was every bit as awesome as the $25 Nordie's cami for.... (get this...) FOUR DOLLARS. It was on clearance and there were tons of them. I'm pretty sure there were so many left because it's NOT in the "Jaclyn Smith" line. My bad for not buying THE KMart brand.