What I learned at Disney.

1. Dumbo is NOT worth the wait.
2. Indiana Jones is a super rad ride.
3. Ladies walking around with dolls like they're their children is creepy. Don't ask.
4. I really don't care for churos.
5. Babies suck at Disney.
6. Disney in October is the best.
7. No matter how old, I will always love the princesses.
8. Disney parades make me tear up.
9. Your guide on the Jungle Cruise makes all the difference.
10. Shrug your shoulders at what you can't control and savor the moment.

I was home for like a day and now I'm off to a wedding. See you next week sometime.

Happy Friday. Do something FABULOUS!


Jenette said...

I totally agree with you about the ladies with baby dolls--we saw a lady with one while we were in AZ this summer creepy!

Mandy said...

The parades make me cry too! Why is that!?
At least I didn't encounter any ladies with baby dolls.