Weekend At My House

The people in my household enjoy a fancy breakfast on the weekend so Prince Charming and I made delicious crepes. However, Prince Charming likes to call them "craps" and he thinks it's funny. So do the children, but I think it's stupid (okay maybe a little funny but I wouldn't tell him that). Only he would turn something fancy like crepes, said with a French accent of course, into poop. 

I spied with my little eye...Kels doing Lu lu's nails. Look, they even got a magazine so they wouldn't ruin the table. 
Have you seen these mini cans of Dr. Pepper? I drink soda once in a never but a baby can of this kills a headache for me like no drug can. Plus, it's so cute!

Yoo Hoo! Prince Charming...

Yep. You caught me. I wore socks with my dress. 

Wow. It's Monday again already. 
Make it a great one!

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