Day of LOVE {6}

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Today's idea is nothing new. It's actually quite simple.  In fact to most it's probably too old fashion. However, it's one of my most favorite things to give and receive.
What is it you ask?
A hand written love note. 
We all have those in our lives who we love with all our heart. But, due to life circumstances we may not be able to see them or talk to them everyday. I'm sure many of us have a long lost girlfriend out there who we keep "meaning" to call or a grandparent who is all alone.
Well, today is the day to reconnect. And I don't mean reconnect with an e-mail, a text, or that thing we we call a phone conversation~which in and of itself is becoming a lost art in this world of texting.
Connect with a very simple love note and mail it.
EVERYONE loves to get good mail. 
So, I challenge you to think of someone in your life who you could share some love with. It doesn't have to be sappy love, just fun love. Your small act of sharing love will not only make the person on the receiving end happy, but it will make you happy too!

It's Monday. Make it a great one!
P.S. I read THIS article about home decorating yesterday. It gave good advice.
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