Pleats. Once again they have found a way to insert themselves at our waistline. I actually really like these cropped trousers. However, they have potential to go REALLY wrong. For example, a belly pooch better run away like the dickens from a pair of these. Know what I mean? Take note. These "trendier" pleated fronts should not be mistaken for the ones our Mother's used to wear. You know, the light denim, high waisted, gradual taper at the leg version. No. No. No. The way to wear the new and improved pleat is slouchy (boyfriend jean like), ankle length, and super tapered. 
What do you think? Do you DARE?
I'll let you know if I dare once I get a chance to try a pair on. 

P.S. Completely smitten by this pic. Oh how I wish I could paint my walls. (remember...I'm currently living in a rental smothered in beigeish yellowish-ew!)

P.S.S. Slipped away last night and purchased a new blue latte bowl to add to my collection. These bowls make me smile.

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