Weekend At My House

 Took bubble baths 
(not me. the kids. i hate baths.)

 Wore my pink sparkles on a date with Prince Charming

 Ate Life cereal for dinner

 Cleaned out my closet. A little.

 Started to get ready for swim season. It was 80 degrees this weekend!

 Organized my face.

 Pondered where to hang this silly thing. Isn't it divine?;)

 Visited our favorite candy shop

 Tried to wear a scarf. It looked dorky. THIS would have been helpful.

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

1 comment:

happytobeme said...

You got the sparkly pink toms! I still need to add a pair of these to my wardrobe. Pondered that all weekend! And I love, love, love that painting!