Weekend at my House

1. polka dot legs 2. adorable plate 3. finally unboxed the accessory collection 4. cake plates with no cake...bummer 5. mastering the art of homemade rolls 6. park attire, according to Lucy 7. baby berkie boy who now opens the front door and escapes~twerp! 8. magazine catch up 9. family outing

And the grand finale highlight of my weekend...
Dumpster diving. Yes, you heard me. Misplaced my flippin debit card. After three garbage bags and a handful of gags I gave up. ew!ew!ew!
Boy oh boy it's Monday. Make it a GREAT one!
P.S. Heart Skips a Beat by Lenka is a goodie download (playing)!

1 comment:

happytobeme said...

Your rolls look beautiful, and I LOVE Lucy's hat!