i earned it

kids to school. check.
dishes done. check.
workout complete.check.
laundry folded. tomorrow.
pool time. you better believe it.
AZ rocks!

looking for some new poolside attire?
THIS in radish (red) would suit me well.
poolside pants to hide my leftover baby blubber.
sleek shades a must.
with the scent of THIS in the air. (note: now that i'm not 16 i no longer use this product in the sun but, the smell sure brings back memories at the lake.)

p.s. according to Prince Charming, who is male, I need to clarify yesterday's post. I need a "set of" perfectly perky boobs.  not balls. geesh.

1 comment:

Jenette said...

No clarification was needed---when I saw the post, I thought to myself "me too" (having babies totally ruined mine)