Picture This

Are any of you out there members of livingsocial.com? or I guess groupon is the same idea. (I really like livingsocial btw. I've got some super cool deals lately. You should consider subscribing if you're not a member.)

Well lately a of couple of "boudoir" aka 80's version glamor shot deals have come through. Speaking of glamor shots, my sister did a session back in the day and they are my favorite pictures EVER! Love you sis.! You should totally pull those out for the grandkids!;)

Out of curiosity I chose to click on the deal. I had no idea. TA DA. HERE is a version of today's glamor shots. Hmm...pictures of undies wrapped around fat legs. What on God's green earth is one going to do with a photo like that? If I gave a pic like that to my hubs he'd laugh his head off. That is after I laughed mine off first. AWKWARD! How about THIS? "Mommy, do you always wear red high heels to bed?" Oy yoi yoi! To each his own I guess.

What's the point of boudoir pictures? A good laugh 10 years from now. Come on. Do you really think your significant other really wants to be gifted pictures of this nature? Don't be fooled. We all know what he'd rather have!;)

Oh wait, oh wait! I get it now. "Hey honey, I have a headache. But, boy do I have a treat for you."
(A picture of my muffin top and saggy boobs. Ooh la la! Enjoy!)

P.S. Did I just post about porn? Sorry about that.

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Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

O-Kay! That was um... bleck! Who would do that? And if they did, maybe they should hit a few calf raises to prep!