I'm A Mom

i'm a mom.
everyday i'm a mom.
there are days when i think it's the worst job ever.
then there are days i realize how blessed I am.
i have three.
i have three that call me mom.
"mom". "mom". "mom".
darn they make me tired.
darn they make big fat messes.
darn they argue over stupid stuff.
but i love them. i love them a lot.
i'm not a patient mom.
i raise my voice. yes. yes i do.
on occasion i've been caught saying a bad word. or two.
shame on me.
i make my children vacuum.
i make my children eat weird stuff.
i make my children say thank you.
i'm not afraid to tell them "no way". 
i'm a mom.
i'm a very, very, very lucky mom. 
i'm a mom who is far from perfect.
i'm a mom who tries her best daily.
and that's good enough. 
happy mother's day to me  (and you).
5.13.12. hope you enjoy your day!

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