Oh hi there. It's just me again.

In case you were wondering I don't want one of THESE for mother's day.
THIS on the other hand would make my heart melt.
I rediscovered why I don't watch T.V.  They're called commercials.
OMG have you tried Greek Gods Yogurt in honey flavor? Add raspberries. It will make you do backflips.
I will be visiting the new Shops at Target. I secretly hope it's stupid so I won't spend money.
Do smooshed fish crackers annoy you as much as they annoy me?
In the mood for a french fry? I'm sure you could find one in my car.
Hot dog juice, nasty crap!
I really don't care for heavy black eyeliner. Especially under the eyes. Plus I'm really bad at applying it.
What do you think about white swimwear? Risky?

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