Shopping List

Lets go shopping. Shall we?
If you were in need of a new summer outfit I'd take you to the mall and make you buy the following...

THIS shirt.
In your favorite color choice of course. 

THESE shorts
Long shorts can be so dorky but these are truly pretty decent.

If you could only buy one thing I'd make you to buy these shoes. They match EVERYTHING and I LOVE them. Love them! Love them! Buy them! You will love them too!

And let us not forget the extra cool stuff...

If you don't have one you need one!

A stack of fun COLORFUL bracelets


THIS (in cobalt NOT blueberry) bag is bursting with gooey awesomeness!
It's sooo much cuter in person. Take a road trip today and check it out.

There you have it. You're all set for the zoo, playground, dinosaur museum, McDonalds, boogers, pooh, etc.

P.S. You know what makes this outfit extra cute? The accessories! They take you from boring soccer mom to "Wow! Your Mom's a hot babe!" 

P.S.S. Order those shoes RIGHT NOW! Everyone will be asking you where you got them.

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