Weekend At My House

 Not all that exciting of a weekend at the Mrs. Princess Pookie castle
Pizzoooookie time!
The first time I made these, not so much. This time around, nailed it!
I've been wanting a set of mini ramekins for quite some time and I finally found the perfect ones at Crate & Barrel. I haven't been in that store for a long time and boy! oh boy! I could have bankrupted us.

For example...

I'll take two in putty please.

Sectionals are stupid for a decorators eye but upstairs in a loft where you throw all the kids, necessary.  This is the mother of all sectionals! It keeps going and going and going. I'll take one in peat.

I've had a crush on this cake plate for years!


and yes!

HECK yes!
Have you ever had these? Cupcake crack.

and I'm pretty sure all households need a snow cone machine for the summer heat. This one certainly produces a higher quality snow cone than the snoopy machine right?

Thanks Crate & Barrel. I enjoyed every minute of my browsing.

Happy Monday.
Make it a great one! 
p.s. pizzookie instructions here. 

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