May I interest you in a piping hot muffin upon completion of your pelvic exam today?
How on earth is one supposed to take the gynecologist serious with oven mitts covering the stirrups? I'm not making this stuff up. This was the scene upon my arrival at my "new" doctor's office. I literally started LOL and then wondered if I should have ran for my life.


Sean, Em and Milo Volk said...

NOOOOO! I would rather have no stirrup covers than oven mitts! Ha Ha!

Annette M said...

Surely they could turn them inside out, sew over the thumb, and turn it right again. Voila, no-thumb stirrup covers.

Snow said...

Tooo funny!!! Thank you so much for the laugh, I needed it!!:) Maybe, they have a sense of humer in their office...making a not so comfortable experience into one you can smile about!