Such Is life

Poop in the swim diaper.
Not just regular poop. Too much apple juice poop.

Broken nail polish all over.
Brand new broken nail polish all over.
Did I mention it was neon pink?

Fighting children.
Constantly "he said/she did" fighting children.

Finally tried "the yummiest recipe ever" from Pinterest.
Two words...
Nasty Crap!

 Naturally, with a day like yesterday, one deserves a little treat. Right?

May I suggest the Watermelon Splash? It's delightfully refreshing.Go get yourself one.
On second thought, maybe THIS treat would have been more appropriate for the occasion!

Oh the things life throws at us. Hooray! (or not)

P.S. The *%$*A($)#($ only represents disgruntled under-my-breath mumblings.

1 comment:

Jenette said...

I hate days like that...Mine was baby discovering she had pooped and using it as paint.