Wanted....but didn't.

Late nite (kidless) TJ Maxx run.

This would have been the perfect companion for Larry~the bright yellow moose head that already hangs above our TV.

 I'm sure I could find a great spot for this little guy.

 Faux ferns, so beautiful.
or NOT!
If you have a faux fern in your house get rid of it RIGHT NOW. I mean it. RIGHT NOW!
If you have faux ferns as decor above your kitchen cabinets then you're beyond help.;)

 "Ooh la la", she said.

 Jewel pop mold? Seriously?

 The cutest knives on the face of the planet. 
If these would have been red I'm pretty sure they would have gone home with me. 

 8 legged sea creatures...so on trend right now. 
THIS is cool too. 

This was so much neater in real life. You'll have to use your imagination.

What did I come with? A pair of pajama pants for Prince Charming. Yawn, I know!

TJ Maxx is probably one of, if not, my favorite store ever. However, Target is a very close second. Is it just me or has Target's home decor section been lacking in the luster department lately?

What's your favorite store?

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