FFF (Fabulous Fashion Friday)

WARNING: These photos are not good. Not good at all. But what do you expect when the photo shoot is in the parking lot of Costco with a very impatient husband in the background. I'm sure I shouldn't be posting them. But I'm going to anyway. Enjoy!

 Accessory AND self defense tool all in one. TJ Maxx Find.

 dress: gap clearance | scarf turned into a belt: forever 21

 boots: nords anniversary sale 2 yrs ago
Speaking of the Anniversary Sale...it started today. Have you checked it out yet?

bracelets: top: forever 21 | lower: homemade with cool gold beads from jo Ann's

Idea: find an old scarf and tie it around your waste. Could be cute!

It's Friday!
Shop. Eat cake. And wear something Fabulous!

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Elsha Bodily said...

First off...shoes matter so much! Second, I love the impatient husband pictures. I always bombared my husband when he gets home and it ends like yours....ARE WE DONE YET! Love the ring and I especially love your boots!