Weekend At My House

Dear Prince Charming,
Remember when we were at Nordy's on Saturday night shopping for you (not me) and I slipped away to the bathroom for a moment? Well, I thought I should probably let you know that I sorta took a little side trip to the nail polish counter. Whoopsie! So, when you get your Nords bill and are wondering about that titch bit of an extra charge it was me, buying something for me, when we were shopping for you (not me). Selfish, I know. But as much as I LOVE looking at your bum in a new pair of jeans, after pair 11 I just needed a break. 

I hope you'll forgive me.

P.S. You totally looked hot in that one pair of jeans. Number 6 was it? You should totally get them!

I'm not going crazy here. My favorite thing ever...plowing through piles of dress shirts searching for that 16/34.
Anything for you my love!

Thanks for a great Saturday night date.
And the nail polish!;)

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