Just A Thursday

have you ever had hankering?
late at night?
in your pjs?
for something really not all that amazing?
me? never.
lucy just saw me post this picture and she's all in a tizzy because i went and got a treat while she was sleeping. her words...how could you? because i'm the mom. that's how!

on another random note...

want your neighbors wondering why you have the best smelling house? buy THIS scent. (i haven't found this scent in the store. only on line)

if i had an extra $168 to spend on this no doubt it would be part of my decor. somewhere.

 would love to find the perfect outfit for this party. if i was invited that is. 

i am absolutely in love with these initial rings. these number ones are pretty stinkin adorbs too!

see you tomorrow!

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