so for the heck of it i chose an outfit that i wore for TT this week. 
not that it's all that amazing of an outfit but, it was one of those "i feel good in this" kind of days. there's just something about red polka dots that make me extra happy. and extra happy = extra confidence. wouldn't you agree? not the mention the resemblance of miss minnie mouse who is always absolutely stunning in her dots!

It's Trendy Tuesday...Do you DARE?

blouse: tj maxx | pencil skirt: halogen | watch: michael kors | bling bracelet: betsey johnson | pearl bracelet: mrs. princess pookie | shoes: sam edleman
shoes i wish i was wearing with this outfit...HERE

would you DARE wear red polka dots (cute) and leopard print (sassy) together?

p.s. this 70 something lady at church told me my legs were beautiful-referring to the color. she thought i was wearing "panty hose"~hee hee. please believe me when i tell you THIS product is a must have. i've left it mingling on my sidebar for a reason.

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