TT Product Alert Edition

I "whish" I could have an endless supply of this deliciousness.
I want to introduce you to my newest product discovery. 
(Also comes in a body wash and a sugar scrub.)
My oh my it's excellent and I'm pretty sure you will think it's excellent too!
It's such a great scent to welcome fall.
Check out all the other scents here. Almond and coconut are lusciously divine as well. 

It's Trendy Tuesday...
Do you DARE smell amazing?
I hope so because girls aren't supposed to be stinky. However, the lady next to me in barbell class yesterday, STINKY! She had a serious case of the toots. Gag! I wanted to cover my nose with my shirt but thought that might be too obvious.
Throw out your Bath and Body Works crap:) and indulge in a bottle of luxuriousness. It's good stuff and your skin will love you for it.

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