Weekend at My House

Good Morning!
Did you start with a good breakfast?
You know, it's the most important meal of the day.
At least that's what Grover from Sesame Street tells me over and over and over again everyday in the car. 

Someone else in our family had a birthday.

 Oh Thomas we love you.
Thank you for providing hours of entertainment.

 And he has officially enetered into the terrible 2's.
See that little warning sticker. Wish one of those was attached to his bum when he was born so I could  prepare myself.

 Tassel sneaker loafers.
The loafer for the mom on the go.

My birthday wish came true. Thank you Prince Charming. XO

 Lastly, our ticket system is working flawlessly. So far that is.
An idea I found on pinterest. And if I could find the link I would link it. Sorry.

It's Monday...
Make it a great one!

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