Weekend At My House

Well hello there.
Come on in. 
In a handful of weeks this door will become ours.
However, this door won't be just any door. 
It will be one that will welcome friends and family with open arms.
It will be one that will protect us from the outside evils.
It will be one that will safely hold love, laughter and kindness inside.
It will be one that when open will remind us to let go of things that don't matter.
Behind this door you will find messes, arguments and dirty toilets.
You will also find a family doing their best to live the best (imperfect) life they can.
So stop on by. We'd love to have you as a guest!

It's Monday.
Make it a great one!

P.S. When you come visit I'll make you THESE for breakfast.
In the meantime, you should definitely make them for yourself!

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