Weekend At My House

The 3 Ding Dongs
Have you ever gotten to the point with your kids where in your head you're secretly telling them to shut up when they won't stop talking? Do you ever get sick of hearing Mom, Mom, Mom 85 thousands times a day? Are there moments when you wish you could turn them off with the flip of a switch? Are there days when you wish they would just go away for a while? Do you ever wonder if you'll really miss all the chaos like the old folks in the grocery store tell you you will?
Me too.
Me too.
My kids exhaust me.
They push all sorts of buttons.
Buttons I didn't know existed. 
And on occasion they have been known to make me cry.
most importantly 
they know I love them more than anything in the world. 
Even more than shoes.

I dedicate this to all of us who just have one of those days with our beautiful children.
Suggestion: You should totally download this song!

It's Monday. Make it the best one yet!

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