All hail to the placing of the address plaque!
Yesterday our soon-to-be new home became an actual place. 
A spot on a map. 
A location to be found.
There is a piece of me that is not fully convinced that this house is actually going to be ours.
We're going to have a place to settle in to.
We're going to have walls to paint. (get over it Prince Charming, it's inevitable)
And...the road to "house poor" begins due to massive amounts of landscaping, new furniture, and all those other home expenses that add up so quickly.
Words cannot describe my excitement.
The house is turning out better than I had imagined.
It's time.
It's time to call Arizona our home. 
I'm ready!

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Anonymous said...

Boo. Hurray. Sad. Happy. I miss your fat face. I am so glad you almost have a home. Tears. Smiles.