Weekend At My House

Do you believe in Santa?
I do. That is if he drops off a beautiful crystal blue swimming pool with water slide, diving board, and pool house all set up and ready go at my  new house. And while I'm at it.... it might as well include a pool boy. Oh, and butler because everyone needs a butler.

This weekend we traveled to the "North Pole" on the "Polar Express". 
In other words we drove over six hours round trip to hop on a train in the middle of the dessert to pay a butt load of money for nasty crap hot chocolate and Christmas caroling.
It was a gay old time.
At least the bell they gave us was cute.

Please note: I'm not griping, I'm just sayin. The kids enjoyed it so what does it matter what I think? Right? For what it cost me I could have bought a new chair but, it's all about the children. 
All about the children.

Happy Monday.
Make it a great one!

P.S. THIS is the best candy cane you will ever eat in your entire life!

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