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Hi Everyone!
Sorry for the late post. What can I say? Life is busy as usual. Anyway, this week I've made some new discoveries that I wanted to share so FFF will once again be fitness based. Hope you don't mind.

If you're still looking for a pair of work out shoes you may want to try a pair of cross fit shoes made by Reebok. They're pretty cool and you don't have to throw tires around and stand on your head like a real die-hard cross fitter to wear them. 
Note: Be sure not to mistake the cross fit version for THESE. :)

my next exciting discovery is the most awesomest thing Everrrrrrrr...

yes I said FREE
DJ mixes of super duper cool music that you can workout to. 
Or eat cookies to. Whatever you prefer.
Check it out HERE!
Or if you're a FB junkie check it out.HERE

Happy Friday.
Like I always say...
shop. eat cake. MOVE. and wear something fabulous.

P.S. If you download the music from the blog (click download button), once  you save and "extract" the files you can drag it straight to your itunes library. If you have questions email me! I'm a computer dummy and I was shocked I figured it out myself. It's really not that hard. Promise!

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