Trendy Tuesday

Stripes. Stripes. And then there were more stripes.

All above stripes can be found HERE

It's January. 
The gym is a madhouse in January and everyone is happy and ready to giddy up. 
I love the excitement and the vibe. Too bad it never lasts. 
Come March classes are back to normal and the usual die hards are still the die hards.
Don't be a quitter. You can do it. Make a change. MOVE daily! It will change your life. 
Cross my heart and hope to die. 

My Three "Take Care of You" Suggestions:
1. If you drink soda, don't! What about diet you ask? Soda is soda is soda. Stop!
2. Move 6 days a week.
(At least 2 of those days need to include some type of weight resistance.)
3. Stop reading my blog at midnight and get your butt to bed. Says she who is composing this post at midnight.;)
 But mostly, lately this is what I feel like telling people...

 I'm sorry. Was that a little blunt?
Oh I would NEVER say that out loud. That would be rude.
But I would say it in my head while I listened to your excuses.

In case you were curious about my current workout routine.
Monday-Total Conditioning-interval type class w/weights
Tuesday-Cycle class
I hate cycle classes. HATE them. They challenge me like no other. But they're so good for me.
Wednesday-Teach Ballet Body Fusion
Thursday-Hot Yoga
Friday-Weight resistance workout (Barbell class usually or my own workout)
Saturday-Teach Total Conditioning 
Sunday-Take a nap
Side note: I'm lucky! I belong to an AWESOME gym
However, you don't need an awesome gym to get movin'. But I won't lie. It helps.

Do you DARE work out SIX days a week in stripes?
I do!

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