A Little Love

 Here it is Feb. 1 and my lip has a twitch that just won't stop (literally. it's driving me nutty).
It must be due to the arrival of the month of LOVE
I LOVE February.
I LOVE love.
I LOVE shoes. But you already knew that.
I'm madly in LOVE with Prince Charming. Wanna make out?
I love, love, love living in the sun. It brings a smile to my face. Speaking of smiling, I recently discovered my smile has left me with a big fat wrinkle on my right cheek. What the heck? 
I love girlfriends (miss you peeps).
I LOVE stripes.
You know what I love even more than stripes? Polka dots!
I LOVE the color red. I LOVE happy people. I LOVE to dance. A lot.
I really love eating out at fancy restaurants.
I really love going on adventures.
And I really really LOVE to laugh. Isn't a good laugh the best thing ever?
(Need a good laugh today? Watch THIS. It's awesome.)
I LOVE a good workout. (Okay I really hate it but I love the benefits.)
And lastly...
I love to shop.
I love to eat cake.
And I especially love it when that perfect outfit comes together and creates all sorts of fabulousness!

Happy Friday Everyone! May we all find something to fall deeply madly in LOVE with this weekend.

p.s. love THESE

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