Weekend At My House

 Weekend highlight: Lulu killing two birds with one stone. 
She was reading out loud to herself in an opera-like voice.
No this is not child porn weirdos. Just preparing for a little blackmail. It may come in handy when she's 16.

Oh boy! The weekend's already over so here we go MONDAY. Our weekend was filled with soccer games, bikes rides (the weather freakin rocks here right now~ jealous?), and some serious "what the shiz are we doing" parenting moments. Good golly kids are a lot of work. A lot! Would you agree? If you don't agree then I want a dose of what you're taking. Our 2 year old tells everyone in sight to go away (he is so ornery), our 6 yr old acts like a 2 yr old half the time, and our 10 yr old, well, he's perfect. To be honest, we're still a little confused about where he came from. Prince charming and I literally sat on the bathroom floor, looked at each other, and shrugged our shoulders about how to raise our kids. Did I mention we were interrupted 20 thousands times with "kid emergencies"? You know emergencies like I'm starving to death and I can't find the remote. Conclusion...we totally suck at this parenting thing but we sure do love our kids to pieces even though they drive us nuts. So, we're hoping that counts for something.

Okay blah, blah, blah...

Other weekend happenings:

1. Finally made some progress in getting the new house together. I'll post pics soon. You have to understand my work begins at 10pm. Not the best lighting for pics!

2. Absolutely obsessing over mint green chairs. Major drool here. Seriously considering being a roadside sign holder to earn the extra cash to pay for them. But not the one dressed like the Statue of Liberty.

3. Came across a cool decorating blog with great pics.  

4. Discovering I may have a blossoming love affair with the color orange.

5. Changed my Feb. must have. Dude, you've gotta have this. Did I just call you dude?

So, It's MONDAY. Make it a great one!

P.S. The question about Dansko clogs will be addressed. Promise. And while we're on the topic of clogs...yes please.

P.S.S. The hubs purchased my Lucky necklace for me in Las Vegas. You can get yours here. BTW I'm pretty sure the hubs idea of "getting lucky" in Vegas differs greatly than my idea of "getting lucky".;)

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Jenette said...

Being a parent is tough especially to two year old or anyone acting like one...I have three that go in shifts of being one.