Seriously? Pink ombre....polka dot laces....what's not to love?
Guaranteed to make you run super duper DUPER fast.
(I would link them up but I can't find them on-line. Picked mine up at Lady Foot Locker.)

Buy it, cook it, eat it.
Delicious! It will make you poop. It's packed with all sorts of goodness.
Buy and read about it HERE
(I purchased at Whole Foods)

Served with grilled talapia and other good-for-you food.
That's what I call healthy!
(Bonus: my kids loved it too)

Assignment: Stop reading this post right now and do 25 jump jacks, 15 push ups, and 20 alternating lunges. I mean it. Right now! Feel like a super hero? Do it twice.

Happy Friday!
Shop. Eat SooFoo. MOVE. And wear something fabulous!

P.S. Totally making THIS over the weekend. Minus the raisins~nasty crap! I'll report back.

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