It's Friday! Dinner At My House

If you came to dinner this weekend at my house we would eat something like this:

 (because i could eat toasted cheese and tomato everyday!)

We would drink something like this:

(by my imaginary pool of course.)

We would have happy conversations around my new dining table like this:

(score! mine came from downeast home...bargain!)

And enjoy the beautiful PINKness I painted on the walls. Yep, pink.
Remember the secret paint color and location from a couple days ago?
 PINK dining room!

 (no this is not my actual dining room. mines not quite done yet. ran out of paint. stay tuned.)

And lastly....
my most favorite part....

 We would all snap our fingers and sing along to this catchy song. Download it! It will put you in a happy mood!

Happy Friday all!

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