ZERO Checks

 These beautiful creatures exist in my town. To learn more read below.
No I haven't gone kookoo. Okay maybe a little.

So yesterday went nothing like I planned.
Zero completion on my To Do list.
Instead I attended a ballet barre class at another gym and I hated every minute of it. It was horrible and boring and the instructor kept talking about the "patella"and I wanted to yell at her and her fancy pants vocabulary. It's a knee! Just call it a freakin' knee lady! And during her winded lectures of multi planer and spinal articulation I couldn't help but stare at her arms. Her perfectly shaped itty bitty beautifully toned arms. And then I really hated her. Enough of that.

After that I made a stop for some paint. I cannot reveal what color or where it's going yet because my husband knows nothing about it and he just might kill me. It's my little secret. Well, not really anymore now I guess. Love you hot cakes.

Then my sister informed me that the return address on the card I sent her said Gilbert, WA. She was wondering where that was. I told her it's a very magical place where rainbow unicorns dance to OMD and the sun always shines (but doesn't give you wrinkles) and your family is always near by. It is also a place abundant with beautiful shoe stores where the shoes are always free. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

The evening ended with football practice at the most annoying park ever. With the two younger siblings in tow not stopping to smell the roses wasn't really an option. Ducks, stinky water, rocks, dirt, swings, and a starving, exhausted mom. What to do? Cross your fingers there are fruit snacks hiding in the bottom of your purse and smile. Just smile.

Today's a new day. Phew!
I'm definitely taking a nap.

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