Because I deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day to Me. 

Today I'm not going to write a sappy post about how lucky and blessed I am to be a Mom and how wonderful my children are. No, the Mommy blogging world has already covered that topic this weekend (gag). But, I will take a moment to let you know how lucky my children are to have me as their Mom. Yes, you heard me right. They are lucky to have me.

I poor milk on their cereal and butter their toast. I drive them to school and soccer practice and dance lessons daily. I create art projects for them that make big messes. I buy them pretty band-aids for their boo boos. I take them to the library and read them stories. I teach them to serve and love one another. I make them cookies and give them bubble baths. I take them to the zoo even though I hate the zoo. I leave them special notes in their lunches. I dance with them, I laugh with them, I talk with them. I brush their hair and buy them cute shoes. I teach them proper manners. I tell them I love them. I give hugs even when not wanted and I cheer them on. Boy do I cheer them on. Maybe what I'm trying to say is I work my ass off for these three kids of mine.

today is not about gushing over my kids and the joy of motherhood (insert eye roll). Not for me anyway.

Today is about celebrating me. A far from perfect but pretty freakin' awesome Mom!

P.S.  in case you're curious...my new mother's day outfit- sweater:forever 21 (old) | skirt | shoes

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Jenette said...

Amen! This is how I felt this mothers day too. I am glad someone voiced my feelings.