Thank You Target

A  hair gadget, a beauty product, a new polish..just a few things I'm a sucker for. 
A few items that some how found their way into my Target shopping cart when I went for only toothpaste and cotton balls. Darn you Target, you get me every time!

1. Goodie modern updo. I've always wanted to try one of these. Weird, I know. If I pair with a bubblegum pink pant suit I might catch that perfect 90's secretary look? 2. If you follow any beauty product blog then you know everyone has to have this airbrush tanning product. Consequently, I had to have it. 3. I live in AZ. Hand lotion is not an option unless you don't mind your hands looking like an elephant's butt. This one smells delightful. If you're the citrusy type. 4. "Big Spender" by essie~appropriately named for a Target shopping trip. 5. Skittles~I have a 2 yr old. These have saved my sanity on numerous errand running occasions. I love you Skittles. So does my 2 yr old. 

Do you ever deviate from your Target shopping list?

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