Finding Your Happy

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1. send kids to neighbor's house
2. eat whole carton of mint chip ice cream
3. turn music loud and do the moonwalk
4. jump on a bed
5. sing a Madonna song into hairbrush
6. watch full episode of Downton Abbey-uninteruppted
(I'm obsessed with this show and I don't watch TV.)
7. take a nap
8. doodle life long dreams in crayon
9. order pizza for dinner and have it delivered
10. do it all over again tomorrow with a loved one (or two or three)

To me, a part of happiness is finding a healthy balance between spending time with the ones you adore and finding time for you. It's about making memories. It's about finding joy in silly things. It's about taking care of yourself.  It's about learning how to have fun in creative ways without spending money. It's about smiling often. It's about choice. 
May we all find our HAPPY today whatever that may be.

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