Thoughts At 3:24PM

Berks I'll pay you $10 bucks to take a nap. Okay, fine. $20.
I really want a box of these. Seriously, right now.
Mr. Harry Guy in cycling class you were grumpy. Dude, eat some Cherios before class next week.
Oh my hair these day. I'm so sorry I have neglected you. For like...ever.
I wonder if I have a library fee. Of course I do. I always have a library fee. Stupid DVDs. 
Skywire 2013? So dumb. However, I'm glad you didn't die. That would cause me nightmares.
Dinner. Go away. 
Hey neighbor, your new pool rocks. Can we be friends? 
Summer camp can you please last an hour longer today? I'm really, really tired.
Ok girl (aka me), time to redo the three week old neon yellow pedi. Nasty!
Darn you lululemon dress. I really want you.
She told me to check out her Tweet. Huh? 

And that's how random my brain is at 3:24PM. You should see what it does at midnight!

P.S. THIS is so me. 

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