Hair 101

Pretty much for the last 48 hours I have been lying in bed. Apparently a case of the achy/chills/stomach-turned-inside-out found me Monday night. Seriously? However, there is ONE thing that will get out of bed no matter how terrible I feel. A hair appointment. The hair appointment that I had to reschedule about 5 times due to kid activities. Sorry Tabs if I secretly passed the bug onto you. I did my best not to breath.

Some dreamy hair I may someday adorn on my head. 

Updos Anyone?

Hope you all have a spectacular July 4th. 
Stay safe. Stay cool. Wear something amazing!

P.S. THIS and THIS are my latest hair products. Stay tuned for critique.

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Pogue Fam said...

I got a LOVELY package in the mail today! Thank you for the awesome cd and yummy lip balm! After listening to 4 kiddos going nuts in the heat, it totally made my day! You rock!