Skinny Talk

Skipping breakfast makes you fat. The end. 
 Have you had your Wheaties?

10 Reasons to Feed Your Belly in the AM
1. If you don't, you'll be a grumpy pants.
2. You need the energy it provides to start your day. 
3. It will make your brain smarter (seriously).
4. It will make you less likely to grab a handful of Doritos at 10Am
5. It puts you on track to lead a healthy lifestyle.
6. It does a physical body good.
7. Fills you with nutrients you're not likely to get at other meals.
8. It's delicious!
9. It will make you poop (thank you fiber).
10. Eating breakfast will make rock those skinny jeans!

Are you a breakfast boycotter?

At our house we consume a lot of green smoothies, egg white omelets, 
and whole wheat peanut butter toast. 

Love these two charts!

(Note: Use frozen fruit or add ice for more of a smoothie texture.)

Eat Up my friends!

It's Monday. Make it a great one!

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